Terms and Conditions

In regards to the rental scooters, customers are required to return the rental scooter to our premises by the agreed returns date made at the time of booking. The rental period begins on the day of the first attempted delivery of the scooter regardless of if the customer is at the address to accept the delivery when the courier arrives. Where there is a requirement to extend a rental please place a new order via our website a minimum of one days before the item is due to be returned, subject to the scooter being available and not booked by another client. This is required as otherwise the unit in your possession may be booked in by another client for rental. Should a customer not return an item on time and also not extend the rental contract, rental charges will continue to apply and be charged to the original payment method. Where we have been unable to contact a customer who has failed to return a rental and the item has not been returned, the full purchase price of the item will be charged to the customer and should the item be returned a refund for the price difference between the purchase and rental, less admin and rental charges will be issued.

It is solely the customer’s responsibility to ensure the item is returned on time and for the item to be taken care of from the time it leaves our warehouse for delivery, to the time it is returned to our warehouse,. Where an item is returned damaged and the customer has chosen to take responsibility for any damage caused, the full retail price of the item or the price of repairing the time will automatically be charged to the customers credit card / deposit without prior notification.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the products maximum load weight will not be exceeded at any time, if unsure if the product is suitable for the the users weight please contact us Or see the Product Specification page on our website

Corcoran Mobility Scooter Rental accepts no liability under any circumstances for any inconvenience, personal injury or any similar or other loss whether direct, indirect or consequential however caused.

If the mobility scooter is returned without parts (ie Charger) these parts will be charged for, as well as an admin fee of €15 per half hour or part there of, spent making the item suitable to be rented out in future, if possible at all.