Accessible Festivals and Events in Ireland

Accessible Festivals and Events in Ireland

🎉 Celebrations for All

In the vibrant and culturally rich regions of South East, East, and Midlands of Ireland, festivals and events offer an excellent opportunity for communities to come together and celebrate. At Corcoran Mobility Scooter Rentals, we believe that everyone should have equal access to these joyous gatherings. In this blog, we have curated a list of accessible festivals and events that warmly welcome mobility scooter users. With our efficient scooter rental service, visitors can experience these remarkable celebrations without any barriers.

🎶 Kilkenny Arts Festival Date: 10 – 20 August 2023 – Kilkenny City, Kilkenny. 🎭 The Kilkenny Arts Festival is a delightful showcase of music, literature, and visual arts. Recognising the importance of inclusivity, the festival offers accessible pathways and viewing areas for visitors using mobility scooters to enjoy the diverse culture.

🌼 Waterford Harvest Festival Date: Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10th September – Waterford City, Waterford. This celebrates the region’s rich culinary heritage with a variety of food-related events, cooking demonstrations, and artisanal markets. The festival ensures accessibility for all attendees, including mobility scooter users, with designated accessible areas and facilities.

🍂 National Ploughing Championships Date: September 19th, 20th & 21st – Ratheniska, Co. Laois. 🚜  The National Ploughing Championships, celebrating Ireland’s agricultural heritage, returns with accessible features at each venue. Visitors using mobility scooters can access designated parking areas, accessible washrooms, and elevated viewing platforms.

🎪 Electric Picnic Festival Date:Fri, 1 – Sun, Sep 3, 2023 – Stradbally, County Laois. 🎵🎸  The Electric Picnic Festival is one of Ireland’s most renowned music and arts festivals! Drawing visitors from all over the world. Recognising the importance of accessibility, the festival organisers have ensured that all stages, camping areas, and amenities are wheelchair and mobility scooter-friendly. An accessible viewing platform allows guests using mobility scooters to enjoy the performances with unobstructed views.

🎵 Cork Jazz Festival Date: 26 – 30 OCTOBER 2023 – Cork City. 🎤 The Cork Jazz Festival is a treat for music enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse range of jazz performances across various venues in Cork. The festival prides itself on being accessible to all, offering designated areas for mobility scooters at indoor and outdoor concert venues.

🍀 St. Patrick’s Festival Date: March 17th – Dublin City, Dublin. One of the most iconic Irish festivals, the St. Patrick’s Festival, is a lively celebration of Ireland’s patron saint. With a variety of events, including parades and street performances, the festival ensures accessibility by providing designated viewing areas for mobility scooter users and accessible public transportation options.


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Ireland’s festivals and events are a testament to the country’s rich culture and community spirit. At Corcoran Mobility Scooter Rentals, we are committed to making these celebrations accessible to everyone. Our scooter rental service allows visitors to explore and enjoy these festivals in the South East and Midlands with ease. From the iconic Electric Picnic Festival to the lively St. Patrick’s Festival, Ireland’s accessible events are a testament to the nation’s dedication to inclusivity and celebration for all. Embrace the spirit of festivity and create unforgettable memories at these remarkable gatherings with the assistance of our mobility scooters. Contact John Tel: 059 914 0321 /Mobile: 087 980 7334. Or book online now to reserve your scooter and experience the true essence of Irish celebrations.

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